UPCT map


The Polytechnic University of Cartagena has a long history and reputation in technical studies . On this map you can find the main university buildings and other university buildings that do not belong to the UPCT.

  1. UPCT Campus CIM
  2. UPCT Campus Muralla del Mar
  3. UPCT Research Laboratories Building (ELDI)
  4. Student House
  5. UPCT President
  6. UPCT Alfonso XIII Campus
  7. San Isidoro Library
  8. Funcarele (Cartagena Foundation for the Teaching of Spanish Language and Culture)
  9. ISEN Training
  10. ISEN, University Center

To make it easier for you to get your bearings during your first days at UPCT, we have created this list on Google Maps that groups together all the important buildings that you will need to locate.


Campuses and faculties

The university is made up of three university campuses , and each of these campuses brings together several of the faculties that make up the UPCT.

Important places

In addition to the university campuses, during your stay as a UPCT student it will be good for you to know where some of the most relevant buildings are located:

  • UPCT Research Laboratories Building (ELDI) . Unless you have to use the Laboratories during your practices, the ELDI building may not be frequented much. What is important for you to know is that the International Relations Office (ORI) is located. There you will have to sign your Learning Agreement or collect your Welcome Pack the first days of the course, and they will also help you solve all the problems that arise during your stay in Cartagena. We leave you a contact email that will help you with any questions or management you need to carry out: incoming@upct.es 
  • Student House . This is where we hold our Broken Coffee linguistic tandem. You can also go in your free time to play ping-pong, study or hang out with other students. 
  • UPCT Rectorate . Inside the rectory building you will find the Equality Unit and the Volunteering and Disability Unit of the university. You can rely on both units for any problem that may arise during your stay. Both departments have a team of trained professionals to assist you in any situation.
  • Libraries. Each of the campuses has libraries and rooms equipped for studying. Here you can find the opening hours of each of the university libraries.
  • Santander Bank Office . There you canobtain your University Card, essential to enjoy benefits such as reserving computers in free access classrooms, entering sports facilities or renting books in libraries. You can alsoopen a bank accountin a Spanish bank. 
  • Erasmus Student Network Office (ESN) Cartagena. In our office you can find us some days, we will always notify you through the WhatsApp and Facebook groups. There you can get your ESNcard , get more information about the activities or sign up for them.